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Cast Alnico Magnet

Model Number:Cast Alnico Magnet

Product Details: Available in Various Shapes, Made of aluminum,nickel,cobalt,copper,iron etc.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Excellent magnetic power with low reversible temperature coefficient, working temperature can be as high as 550 degree Celsius
Materials: Al, Ni, Co, and other metal material

Meter,Odometer,Sensors,Motors,Multimeter,Telephone,Mobile,Watermeter,Eletricitymeter, Switch, Adhesion, Loudspeakers Port machines,Musical instruments,Magnetic chucks,Educations,Magnetic Bases etc.

LN9, LN10, LNG12, LNG13, LNG37, LNG40, LNG44, LNG52, LNG60, LNGT28, LNGT36J, LNGT18, LNGT32, LNGT40, LNGT60, and LNGT72 (China standard)
Alnico2, Alnico3, Alnico5, Alnico5DG, Alnico5-7, Alnico6, Alnico8HC, Alnico8, and Alnico9 (the US standard)

The specification(dimension) of magnet can be customized according to client's requests and design.