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Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions on magnets and magnetism.

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How to purchase the magnet?
In order to quote you exactly, we need to check the necessary requirements about magnet as below:
1. Magnet Application: such as the speaker, motor, separators, nuclear magnetic resonance and something else.
2. The approximate working temperature,humidity and special request of the magnet’s assembly.
3. The magnet’s property, dimensions, tolerance, surface treatment, and so on.
4. Your standard inspection method for the magnet.
5. Special requirements about the package and transportation.
6. The exact mass production quantity.
Operation Instructions
NdFeB magnets have the character of hardness and brittleness. After the magnetization, it’s magnetic attraction is big as 60times as the its own weight. So the Neodymium magnet must be picked up carefully and gently during assemble process and kept away from iron ware to avoid mutually attracting, causing chips and cracks or other damage to the magnet. For the bigger size, the personal safety and self-protection are more important. it’ll hurt operators in case that two strongly magnetized slices firmly attract unexpectedly. You can use machine equipments just like bolt or stick craft to assembly and fasten them.
Notice about the magnet’s stock and transportation
Notice about the magnet’s stock and transportation:
1. The magnet’s stock requests the dry environment and normal room temperature;
2. Semi-finished products should be oiled for the storage;
3. The magnet with the plating must be vacuum sealed or isolated from the air to make sure the coating’s inoxidability;
4. The magnetized magnets should attract to each other and put into the cartons to avoid attracting other metals.
5. The diskette,magcard, magnetic tape, monitor of computer, watch, cell phone aren’t allowed to be near the magnet. The magnetic field should be shielded during the transportation of magnetized product, especially for the air shipment.
How to shield the magnetic field?
How to shield the magnetic field?
Normally, we use the iron sheet to shield the magnetic field. The iron sheet must be thick enough, otherwise, its saturated magnetization will only shield parts of magnetic field. So it’s very necessary and important to choose the high permeability materials and its suitable size and dimensions, so that the magnetic leakage can be less.
Production process of NdFeB magnet
Production process of NdFeB magnet:
The NdFeB magnet should be produced under the unmagnetized status. As it’s very hard and brittle, the manufacturing equipments and processing techniques are special, such as the abrasive cutoff,cutting, boring, line cutting and so on. The operator should be very professional.
The processing charge for the magnet
The processing charge for the magnet:
The magnet’s processing charge is mainly affected by three factors: the quantity of mass production; shape and size, the measure tolerance. The quantity is less, the production cost will be higher; In the same way, the more complicated shape and more strict limitation of tolerance will higher the processing charge.
The main factors affect the magnetic property
The main factors affect the magnetic property:
1. The environmental temperature:
As the negative temperature coefficient of Sintered NdFeB magnets (αBr<-0.13%/℃,αHcj<-0.6%/℃), during the application, the instant high temperature and continuate high temperature will both lead to the demagnetization to a certaing degress. This demagnetization may be reversible or not, reparable or non-reparable.
2. Ambient Humidity:
The NdFeB magnet is corrosive, easy oxidation. Normally, we plate the Neo magnet for surface protection. But it can’t fully resist the corrosion and oxidation. The air is more dry, the service life will be longer.
3.How to measure the magnetic property:
Three stardard parameters:
Br (Residual Induction): Unit “Gauss”; It shows the outside magnetic field.
Hc (Coercive Force): Unit “Oersteds”; The force required to remove the residual magnetism from the material is called the Coercive force.
Bhmax: Unit “Gauss-Oersteds”, It shows the magnetic field strength at the point of maximum energy product of a magnetic material.
What’s the application of NdFeB magnet
What’s the application of NdFeB magnet?
The NdFeB permanent magnet is a kind of energy material, which can produce the stable magnetic field in the certain space. Because of its highest coercive force and , especially under the 20℃~150℃, it works better than any other kinds of permanent magnets. So it is widely used in many areas, especially in the high-tech area. Basing on its physical principle, the usual applications are as below:
Electric energy to mechanical energy: as electromotor,speaker,VCM (Voice Coil Motor);
Mechanical energy to electric energy: like the generators, telephone receiver, and measuring instrucment;
Mechanical energy to Mechanical energy: as the magnetic separator, magnetic suspension, magnetic actuators and magnet chucks;
Magnetic field’s physical effect: like the Nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic cleaning device and magnetic oil-saving mechanism.
Which kinds of metal elements consist the NdFeB magnet
Which kinds of metal elements consist the NdFeB magnet?
The NdFeB magnet are composed of Neodymium,iron, boron and a few transition metals. We express it: RE2TM14B(RE=Nd,Pr,Dy TM=Fe,Co).
The base compound of NdFeB magnet is Nd2Fe14B. Its molecular formula is similar to Nd2Fe14B’s. But if distribute totally based on the Nd2Fe14B, the magnetic property is low, even no magnetic field. In fact, the only difference is more Neodymium and boron. Only in this way, we can produce the permanent magnet.