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Industry Trends

The use of NdFeB magnets and their roles
First, the wide application of NdFeB magnets
NdFeB permanent magnet material is a raw material for energy storage technology, which can generate a stable electromagnetic field in a certain indoor space. Due to its extremely high magnetic energy product and magnetic energy product, especially in the environment of 20 degrees Celsius -150 degrees Celsius. Compared with the performance of other permanent magnet materials, NdFeB magnets have been widely used in various industries, especially in new technology industries.
Different types of magnets have different main uses. NdFeB magnet is a rare earth powerful NdFeB magnet with the strongest magnetic properties of our time, and its application industry is also very extensive.
Two. The main applications of NdFeB magnets:
1. Electroacoustic, permanent magnet DC motor, communication, automotive electronic products, magnetic machinery and equipment, aerospace, electronic computer electrical products, medical machinery, office systems, toys, packaging boxes, bags and leather goods, magnetic decorations and other industries.
2, NdFeB magnet permanent magnet in the energy meter, generator set, telephone, speaker, television and microwave heating elements, as well as in the tape recorder pickups, speakers, and in a variety of instrumentation cores are used as a constant magnetic field. It is also used in radar detection, communication, navigation, monitoring and other electronic products.
3. The working temperature square samarium cobalt magnet can reach 300 degrees, with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation effect. At present, it has been widely used in detectors, generator sets, radar detection, instrument panels and other high-precision cutting-edge technologies.
4. Aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets are heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, mainly used in motor sensors, medical equipment, hand tools, subwoofer speakers and various instrument panels.
5. Rubber magnets are divided into homogeneity and heterosexuality. Same-sex adsorption is very weak, focusing on decorative design gifts such as car stickers, refrigerator stickers, toy teaching materials and other categories. Strong magnetic force, can be used in small and medium-sized motor inductive magnetic adsorption products. The main use of different magnets is very critical for the company, and the flexible use of different magnet characteristics can improve the equipment characteristics faster.