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Strong magnet bar magnet price and function
How much does the rubber magnet manufacturer introduce you to the strong magnet magnet bar? Let's take a look at its function first: the magnetism of a magnet is that a substance placed in an uneven magnetic field will be affected by magnetic force.
In the same non-uniform magnetic field, the strength and strength of the substance's magnetic force are determined by the direction and strength of the magnetic force received by the substance per unit mass. Because any substance is magnetic, any substance is subject to magnetic force in an uneven magnetic field.
Indicates the strength of the material's magnetism: magnetite can attract two magnets under a piece of cardboard without touching the steel, and let their S face each other. Sprinkle some fine iron powder on the cardboard. The iron powder will be automatically arranged to form a string curve.
Among them, the curve between N and S is continuous, that is to say, the curve runs from N to S. S and S are mutually exclusive and cannot be merged and penetrated. This phenomenon shows that there is a certain relationship between the magnetism of the magnet. Therefore, we can imagine that there is a curve between the magnets, which represents the strength of the interaction between the magnets. This imaginary curve is called the magnetic force (sense) line, and it stipulates that the line starts from N and enters S. In this way, as long as there is magnetism, it will continuously emit magnetic force (sense) line to the space, and the magnetic field The lines are dense, while the distant magnetic wires are sparse. The arrangement shape of the iron powder is the direction of the line.
With the magnetic force (induction) line, you can easily describe the interaction between the magnets. However, it must be understood that it is assumed by us for the convenience of understanding and does not actually exist. What really exists in the space around the magnet is not the magnetic force (sense) line, but the seed field, which we call the magnetic field.
The mutual attraction of magnetic substances is carried out by the magnetic field. There is gravitational force between matter, which is a kind of gravitational field. The magnetic field is similar to it, it is a field that fills the space around the magnet. The strength of the magnetic field can be expressed by the number of imaginary lines. The magnetic field is strong in dense areas and weak in sparse areas. The number of magnetic force (induction) lines passing through a unit cross section is called the magnetic flux density.
Outside the magnet, the direction of the magnetic force (sense) line starts from N into S, and the internal magnetic force (sense) line starts from S into N. The area (usually called [Field] refers to an area in space.)
Note: 1. The magnetic field is directional 2. The magnetic field direction: physics stipulates that the freely rotating small magnetic needle is at rest and the direction of N is the direction of the magnetic field at that point.
Moving charged particles are subjected to a force called Lorentz in the magnetic field.
The intensity of Lorentz force is determined by the same charged particles in different fields.
The magnetic properties of substances are not only ubiquitous, but also diverse, and therefore have been widely researched and applied. Generally, the magnetic properties of matter can be divided into weak and strong, and then according to their different characteristics, weak magnetic is divided into anti-, cis and anti-ferromagnetic, and strong magnetic is divided into ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic.
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