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Introduction to Magnet Manufacturing Method
The weight percentages of the main material components and additive components of the magnet tile are as follows: main material: 8.7%~9.0% strontium oxide; 86%~87% iron red, additive: 0.6%~1.0% calcium carbonate, 0.6 %~1.0% aluminum oxide, 0.4%~0.8% chromium trioxide, 0.3%~0.6% boric acid, 0.3%~0.5% silicon dioxide, 0.2%~0.4% cobalt tetroxide, 0.2%~ 0.4% lanthanum trioxide and 0.1% to 0.3% silicate fiber. The invention not only has high residual magnetic induction intensity, but also has high intrinsic coercivity, and can improve the mechanical strength of the magnetic tile.
Requirement: A permanent magnet ferrite magnet tile, including main materials and additives, characterized in that: the components of the main materials and additives and their weight percentages are as follows, the main material: strontium oxide: 8.7% to 9.0%; iron Red: 86%~87%; Additives: calcium carbonate: 0.6%~1.0%; aluminum oxide: 0.6%~1.0%; chromium trioxide: 0.4%~0.8%; boric acid: 0.3%~0.6%; two Silicon oxide: 0.3%~0.5%; Cobalt tetroxide: 0.2%~0.4%; Lanthanum trioxide: 0.2%~0.4%; Silicate fiber: 0.1%~0.3%