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Industry Trends

Which manufacturers will use a strong magnet of neodymium?
NdFeB neodymium strong magnets, which are often said to be strong magnetic, the most heard is that I want to be strong magnetic, do you have to do it? The application of strong magnetism is quite extensive, and it involves almost all walks of life. Today, which manufacturers will need magnets to talk about!
Which manufacturers will use a strong magnet of NdFeB neodymium?
There are more toy factories, packaging handbag factories, mechanical equipment factories, horn factories, printing factories, motor factories, plastic hardware factories, water pump factories, magnetic connector manufacturers, smart home manufacturers, electrical manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, children's toys. Manufacturers, electronic machinery manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, medical equipment, etc.
The above are all large categories, which can be subdivided in many ways. Different magnet manufacturers may have different positioning. There are magnets for packaging handbags, and magnets for motor motors. It depends on where you are. In which field the company has a comparative advantage.
Which manufacturers will use NdFeB neodymium magnets to introduce you to some of the manufacturers of magnets that you will use, I hope to help you, you can find your potential customers in these areas.