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What is the difference between magnetism and surface Gaussian value of a magnet?
Many people say that the magnetism of the magnet and what is the surface Gaussian value of the magnet? Specifically, what are the concepts of magnetism and surface Gaussian values of magnets, and how are they defined? What is the relationship and impact between the two?
First, the definition of surface Gaussian value: Surface Gaussian value refers to the magnetic induction strength of the magnet surface. The tabular data presented on the surface of the magnet is only a reflection of the data of the magnet itself on the measuring tool. Since the sensing of each gage is not necessarily accurate, there is no clear specification for the surface Gaussian value of the magnet product. The most common is to expand the tolerance range of the data or to make requirements directly based on your own products. After all, data is just a measurable representation.
A Gaussian meter, also known as a Tesla meter, is generally used to measure the surface Gaussian value of a magnetometer. However, because there is no specific standard for the products produced by various manufacturers, and because the Hall sensing element on the Gaussian meter is different, the Hall sensing strength is different, so the measured surface magnetism is also different. The simplest way, the same product, we use domestic Gaussmeters. If the measured surface magnetic field strength is 3000gs (GS: surface magnetic force unit) is replaced by a Japanese Gaussmeter, the magnetic field measured by the Japanese Gaussmeter is about 200 or more due to the quality of the Hall sensing element on the Gaussmeter. Therefore, if you only look at the magnetic problem of the product, you cannot judge the quality of the magnet product.
The intrinsic relationship between magnetism and surface magnetism – a technical term we often call involves many physical properties of magnets. For products of the same specification, the magnetic force may be different due to different magnetic energy products. Here we should state that the surface Gaussian value is not equal to magnetism.