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What causes the surface of NdFeB magnets to be coated and peeled and rust stains?
Recently, I have encountered customers who have asked about the problem of NdFeB magnet plating peeling or rust spots, what caused these situations? What should be done to deal with these situations?
What can cause NdFeB magnets to surface plating peeling, rust spots. Normally, electroplating coatings do not rust and stain.
1. However, if it is stored in a place where humidity, air does not circulate and the temperature difference changes greatly, even if it is a product with good quality salt spray performance, it is possible to have peeling and rust spots in this harsh environment for a long time;
2. In harsh environments, the base layer will react with condensate to reduce its bonding force with the electroplating layer, and even appear later, local pulverization natural peeling;
3. In addition, the electroplating time of the magnet manufacturer is not enough, and the process flow is not perfect, which will also cause such problems, such as during the production process, the seal of the NdFeB magnet is damaged, then it will cause oxidation and rust spots;
4. Pre-plating treatment, if not done well, the dirt on the surface will remain, and rust spots will be caused later.
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