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Industry Trends

The first process of the neodymium magnet production process: raw material smelting
Smelting is the first process for producing sintered NdFeB neodymium magnets. The smelting furnace produces alloy enamel strips. The process requires a furnace temperature of about 1300 degrees for four hours. After the process, the raw materials of the magnet are processed by hot melt and cooling into alloy flakes, and then the next process is performed, and hydrogen is broken.
The smelting section is carried out after the batching. This step is mainly responsible for casting or ingoting the prepared material, which are respectively performed by a large furnace and a small furnace. The following is the smelting of the cast piece by Jiada Magneto, the largest magnet manufacturer in Guangdong Province:
The instrument tools and auxiliary materials required for smelting are basically the same, such as gloves, masks, lighting tools, etc. In comparison, the process of ingots is complicated, and it is necessary to pay attention to wear when slabs to avoid burns; When lifting, it is necessary to carefully inspect the equipment such as wire ropes, and it is necessary to carry out in the no-man's land;
When pouring, you need to pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon. Only when there is no abnormality can you continue; also need to wear a mask when replacing the tundish, reduce the harm of dust to the human body, prevent the human body from polluting the cast piece, and prevent the cast piece from being scratched. human body.
The smelting section of the magnet (NdFeB neodymium magnet) plays a crucial role in the subsequent milling, magnetic field orientation and sintering. Improper handling of such a link will have an irreversible effect on the overall performance of the magnetic material.