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Industry Trends

Several functions of data line magnets
The data line magnet is simply for anti-interference.
1. Prevent the interference caused by the current impact when plugging and unplugging the wire;
2. Prevent electromagnetic interference in space and make transmission more stable.
The following is a translation arrangement:
The motherboard, CPU, power supply, and IDE data cable in the computer case all work at a very high frequency, so there are a lot of space stray electromagnetic interference signals in the case, and the signal strength is also several times to several times outside the case. ten times! USB cables without magnetic rings are not shielded in this space, so these USB cables become good antennas to receive various messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, and these signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signals, It will even change the original transmitted useful signal, which is prone to problems.
In order to improve the transmission rate and stability, and to reduce the interference of the transmission line to other devices, such as sound cards, when transmitting data, an electrostatic shielding layer is designed. This shielding layer is made of a thin metal foil or a multi-strand thin copper wire woven into a mesh, and the principle of the surface effect of the electrostatic field is applied. That is to say, the outer surface of the data transmission line is covered with a layer of metal film, and the shielding layer is grounded with the chassis, so that the data line can be well isolated from the space interference signal!
Absorbing magnetic ring, also known as ferrite magnetic ring, is often used for detachable separation magnetic ring. It is a commonly used anti-jamming element in electronic circuits. It has a good inhibitory effect on high-frequency noise. Ferrite materials are generally used. (Mn-Zn). Data line magnets have different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. Generally, the impedance is small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency increases, the impedance of the magnetic ring increases sharply. The normal and useful signals can pass well, and the high-frequency interference signals can be well suppressed, and the cost is low. A high-quality data cable with a magnetic ring brings out the performance of the product better, while a poor-quality USB cable reduces the performance of the product.
There is also an absorption magnetic ring, also known as a ferrite magnetic ring, which is often used for detachable separation magnetic rings. Data line magnets are commonly used anti-interference components in electronic circuits, which have a good inhibitory effect on high-frequency noise.