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Industry Trends

Praseodymium transaction nearly three years to achieve the biggest one-day increase of 25,000 yuan/ton
The deal of praseodymium saw its biggest one-day rise in nearly three years on Monday, with the quotation of praseodymium oxide rising by 25,000 yuan/ton on Friday and the metal rising by 25,000 yuan/ton. Quotation of neodymium oxide increased by RMB 20,000 / ton per day; The daily quotation of neodymium metal was increased by 27,000 yuan/ton.
Praseodymium products extended last week's rally, which was both expected and unexpected in the industry. Continue to maintain the rise has been the consensus within the industry, but the one-day rise is unexpected for the rare earth industry, and very exciting!
Metal praseodymium neodymium
On November 23, 2020, the quotation of praseodymium oxide ranged from 395,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan/ton, with the mainstream transaction constantly approaching the high level. The quotation of metal praseodymium is 495-500 thousand yuan/ton, the quotation has been traded within the high limit! The quotation of neodymium oxide is 444-445,000 yuan/ton; The quotation of metal neodymium is 54-545,000 yuan/ton.
Last week (November 20th - November 21st), a magnetic material enterprise in Ningbo took the initiative to purchase in Baotou. The purchase amount was about one month. Although the purchase amount was large, the price was not superior.
To yesterday (November 23) morning most praseodymium neodymium manufacturer temporarily not offer, because of uncertain or hesitation, watching, temporarily early 375000 yuan/ton, neodymium praseodymium oxide parts manufacturers offer in succession, then spot praseodymium neodymium buy quickly, manufacturers offer constantly tempted to raise but clinch a deal immediately follow up, to 2 PM today, offer neodymium praseodymium oxide has been to 400000 yuan/ton. Metal praseodymium spot also amounted to 500,000 yuan/ton.
According to feedback from magnetic material enterprises, at present, the factory workshop is running at full power, and the order growth is still going on. Most factories have insufficient inventory and replenishment is imminent. On the other hand, spot stocks of praseodymium are particularly scarce. Futures lists of major metal enterprises have been issued until next year. Even though the price of praseodymium has skyrocketed, the demand for production has become increasingly urgent and magnetic material replenishing is still active.