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One of the most powerful magnets for neodymium magnets, welcome to buy the best price
One of the most powerful magnets for neodymium magnets, welcome to buy the best price
Neodymium, or neo, magnets are very powerful for their size. Much like ants can lift many times their own weight, a neo magnet can hold a substance with up to 1,300 times its own weight . The different processes utilizedpowder-bonded and sintered to create the magnet can also result in varying properties, with neither having a distinct advantage over the other although some may argue that the bonded process is better. Some of the properties used to judge the effectiveness of a magnet are remanence, the measure of the strength of the magnetic field; coercivity, the resistance to becoming demagnetized; and the Curie temperature, the temperature at which the magnet becomes demagnetized.
Magnets are also an integral part of an electric motor. An electric motor relies on the concept of “opposites attract and likes repel” to obtain the mechanical energy required to move; two distinct magnets are placed in such a way that the opposite poles of a magnet will keep repelling, allowing one magnet to continuously spin . This spin creates an electromagnetic field, allowing electrical energy to be converted into mechanical energy. Because the neo magnet is so powerful and permanent, it is an ideal candidate to be used in an electric motor.
With 28 years having elapsed since the discovery of neo magnets, perhaps a new combination of materials can be molded together to create a magnet with properties that rival the neo magnet. If the current demand for electronics continues, the world’s supply of neodymium may be in danger of running out.