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Neodymium magnet price
Neodymium magnet price

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Neodymium magnets are known as the king of magnets because of their excellent magnetic properties. However, it is just a magnetic king's title, not enough to let you know the power of the neodymium magnet. What is the real magnetic king, don't look at just a small piece of neodymium magnet. Its magnetism is enough to suck. A few dozen kilograms of anvil can not fall off. Not only that, but there are three more foreigners who use the principle of opposite sex. Completely turn two neodymium magnets into a shredder. One of the surfaces of the neodymium magnet was stuck with several bones. Carefully push another neodymium magnet. Soon because of the principle of the opposite sex. And Feifei quickly moved to the neodymium magnet. It was only for a moment that the three dogs had to lick their bones for a long time. It was broken by two neodymium magnets. Its pulverizing effect is comparable to that of a shredder. Then a glass of cola and an egg. It is difficult to escape the pinch of the magnet. The egg yolk is sprayed directly onto the wall. And compared to the glass to be a lot stronger. Ceramic duck ornaments. Under the pinch of two neodymium magnets, it is nothing more than a broken one. It was directly divided into four parts. Not only that, but the magnet is also very special for yourself. Two neodymium magnets collide. There must be a piece of broken first, as to which piece can only look at luck, I would like to know if this is clamped by a neodymium magnet. Of course, everyone is fine and don't try it casually. After all, it's sour. But I can remember for a lifetime.