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N42SH magnetic steel parameters introduction, N42SH performance curve
Introduced to you are the N42SH parameters and N42SH performance curves of NdFeB magnets.
     N42SH magnetic steel parameters introduction
     Product Specifications: Any specification can be customized
     Product grade: N42SH
     Appearance coating: according to your needs (nickel copper nickel zinc gold)
     Magnetic Field Strength: Depends on your specifications.
     Material density: 7.5g/cm³
     Magnetizing direction: according to your requirements.
     Working temperature: less than or equal to 150 degrees.
     N42SH Gaussian: remanence in 1.29-1.32T.
     About magnet magnetic field strength: The magnetic field strength depends on the grade and size of the magnet. It is wrong to simply think that the higher the grade of the grade, the higher the surface magnetic field! The premise is that under the same specifications, the higher the grade, the higher the surface magnetic field! For example, the surface magnetism of N35 D3*10>N50 d30*2. The larger the size, the more dispersed the magnetic force is!
     Regarding the size of magnet attraction: the higher the surface magnetism, the greater the attraction per unit area! Suction force = unit surface magnetism * unit area. Therefore, it cannot be simply assumed that the attraction force of a magnet with a high surface magnetism must be large! For example, the suction force of N50 D3*10<N33 10*5 (although the surface magnetism of N50 D3*10>N33 10*5).
     Some friends also pay attention to the N42SH performance curve, and also provide you with it, as shown below!