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Industry Trends

Magnet storage, magnet preservation need to pay attention to what?
1. Ndfeb magnets are very magnetic. You should avoid holding hands or other parts of your body with magnets in the first place. For large size strong magnetism, you need to pay more attention to safety.
2. Do not attach strong magnets to patients near electronic medical devices or carrying pacemakers and other devices.
3. Don't swallow strong magnets. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. Strong magnets should be kept out of the reach of children.
4, in the use of the magnet, should keep the environment as clean as possible, to avoid small impurities such as iron filings adsorption on the surface of the magnet and affect the use. Flying magnetic fragments into the eye can cause damage and should be used with care.
5. Ndfeb magnets should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Acidity, alkalinity, organic solvent, salt water and high temperature and humidity environment will easily oxidize the magnet, the electroplating will fall off, the magnet will be crushed and demagnetized.
6. The magnetism of a magnet will attenuate when heated at a high temperature. Please refer to the temperature tolerance guide to understand the corresponding properties of the magnet, and take care not to exceed the standard operating temperature when assembling or using the magnet.
7, Ndfeb magnets are fragile, so when it is used for vibration, impact and other occasions, it may break or fall off. Be careful of collisions when using.
Magnet is not iron, raw material rare earth Neodymium iron boron fired from, is fragile, can not hit, because of its own suction will not pay attention to when it is attracted, there is a collision, may be broken, so please pay attention to light handle light oh ~
The magnet and powder are all prohibited items in the air, and the express delivery is in the air, with a speed slightly slower than that of the air, which is 1-2 days in the province, 2-5 days in ordinary areas, and 6-15 days in remote areas. Express transport sometimes by all aspects of the impact of factors, sometimes a little slower speed, I hope you customers and friends more tolerance, more understanding!