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Magnet manufacturer of sintered Ndfeb products machining is how?
Have a magnet problem? Welcome to the official website of Yutong magnetoelectromagnet manufacturer. Today we will talk about the machining features and procedures of sintered Ndfeb products.

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Machining features and process of sintered NdFeb product: Due to the influence of production factors, the size accuracy of ndFEB blank can not directly meet the customer's requirements, must be processed later to meet the customer's requirements. Wire cutting (wire-cutting machine) for some shapes or slicers that cannot be sliced directly; For slicers for circular pieces and small and medium-sized squares, double-sided grinders (slicers, double-sided grinders) are needed for processing with higher accuracy or CPK requirements; Small cylinder that cannot be pressed directly needs to be cut into small squares and then rounded (small centerless grinding); Some products need to be punched holes, hole in Ф could be more than 6 hole (hole punching machine, sets of machine); Forming of cylindrical (below 80 Ф) in centerless grinding grinding (centerless grinding machine); A cylinder larger than 80mm is generally completed with a sleeve hole device; Square needs to be ground with large vertical grinding or flat grinding, or double-sided grinding equipment; Some special-shaped products can also be completed with direct shingles; Generally, manual chamfering is used for large products, while electroplating vibration chamfering is used for small products.