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Introduction of magnetic properties of bonded NdFeB neodymium magnetic powder and Curie temperature of bonded magnetic ring
At present, the strongest permanent magnet is NdFeB, so it is also called NdFeB magnet. The strong magnet defaults to NdFeB. The NdFeB produced by our company is mainly shaped (heavy magnet). The world calls it the magnetic king. Commonly used in servo motors and micro motors.

With regard to bonded NdFeB neodymium magnets, more and more applications have been applied in recent years. It is obvious that the advantages of dimensional accuracy, one-shot molding, single-wall thick wall thickness, multi-pole orientation are not comparable to many neodymium magnet materials. of. Today is not a major introduction to the characteristics of bonded NdFeB. It is not an introduction to the application of bonded NdFeB neodymium magnets. Instead, it introduces the performance grades of bonded NdFeB, the Curie temperature of bonded NdFeB and bonded ferroniobium. Some physical properties of boron.
What are the physical properties of bonded NdFeB?
Density of bonded NdFeB: 5.8-6.2g/cm3
Curie temperature of bonded NdFeB: 310-340 °C
Bonded NdFeB hardness: 80-120Hv
Bonded NdFeB resistivity: 0.026Ω.cm
Bonded NdFeB compressive strength: 3kgf/mn2
Bonded NdFeB compression camber: 25kg/mn
The above is about the physical properties of bonded NdFeB.