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How to quickly distinguish the initial contact magnet is neodymium NdFeB or AlNiCo?
  Today's topic, where is the main difference between NdFeB neodymium and AlNiCo? How is it different?
  Many friends who first contacted the magnet asked where the specific difference between NdFeB neodymium and AlNiCo is? Which is better?
  First, the difference in appearanceSintered AlNiCo picture
      Sintered NdFeB neodymium picture

      NdFeB neodymium magnets
       require surface plating because they are easily oxidized. Aluminium-nickel-cobalt has good corrosion resistance and usually does not undergo surface treatment. It is recommended to check the colors of the magnet coatings. 
  Second, the materialThe fractures of the two products are different. NdFeB neodymium is a very fine small crystal, while the AlNiCo section is more rough and the crystal particles are larger.
  Third, the curve detectorIf there are conditions, the two magnetic materials can be judged by the demagnetization curve, and the residual magnetism of NdFeB neodymium is higher.
  Fourth, temperature resistanceNdFeB neodymium is usually resistant to 80 °C. Aluminium-nickel-cobalt magnets are 300---500° (aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets demagnetize at temperatures exceeding 600 °C, so we generally say that the working temperature of alumino-nickel-cobalt magnets is less than or equal to 550 °C).
  Fifth, the strength of the magnetic forceAlNiCo is a high temperature resistant magnet, but its magnetic properties are very weak. The higher the resistance of the magnet is, the weaker the magnetic force is. The magnetic force is inversely proportional to the temperature resistance. Like the ferrite, the ferrite is more resistant to high temperatures than the NdFeB neodymium.
  Sixth, magnetic material densityNdFeB neodymium 7.5-7.6g/cm3, AlNiCo 7.3-7.4.
  Seven, the priceBecause of its strategic resources of cobalt and nickel, AlNiCo is expensive and uses fewer people. Many customers choose NdFeB neodymium, which is used in aerospace, military, automotive and security systems.
  The above is the difference between NdFeB neodymium and AlNiCo. The difference in appearance is straightforward and quick. Do you understand?