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Industry Trends

High temperature resistance powerful magnet magnetism
Xiamen professional supply magnet manufacturers for you to introduce: strong high temperature resistance magnetic magnet and temperature is negative correlation, the stronger the magnetic, the lower the temperature, such as ndfeb (200 °,) samarium cobalt (250-350 °;) The weaker, the higher the temperature resistance, such as ferrite (500-600 °) aluminum-nickel-cobalt (500-600 °) at present, is like this.
1. Whether the magnet can withstand high temperature depends on the characteristics of its raw material.
2. The so-called high temperature refers to the temperature stage of 120-180-200-250-300-350-400 degrees.
3. At present, high temperature resistant materials are more common in the market.
4. Ferrite temperature tolerance of 80 degrees, rare earth ndfeb 120,180 degrees, samarium cobalt 250 and 350 degrees, iron chromium cobalt 400 degrees, and relatively high temperature tolerance of aluminum-nickel-cobalt 600 degrees.
5. The requirements of the magnet have two important parameters such as magnetic force and temperature tolerance range. Then the materials can be selected according to the use environment to meet the purpose of use.
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