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Industry Trends

Characteristics and application scope of NdFeB magnets
NdFeB magnets are not unfamiliar to everyone. It has good magnetic properties, light weight and low price. It is the most cost-effective magnet material so far. Next, let's take a look at some characteristics and application scope of NdFeB magnets!
1. Characteristics of NdFeB magnets
1. High product precision: the precision requirement can be achieved in one molding without excessive post-processing.
2. Good magnetic performance: The magnetic energy product is three times that of anisotropic ferrite, and the intrinsic coercive force is high, the magnetic performance is stable in batch production, and the consistency is good.
3. Good temperature stability: the working temperature can reach 150℃.
4. Good corrosion resistance and good appearance quality: The product has epoxy resin coating and good Parylene coating on the surface, which has good corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful appearance, no blistering, cracking, peeling, flashing, and falling particles. etc. phenomenon.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection, light and compact.
Second, the scope of application of NdFeB magnets
NdFeB magnets are widely used, including physical effects, medical effects, engineering effects and so on. For example, in physical functions, it can be made into a compass, can absorb light and small objects, and can also be used as generators, motors, magnetic levitation, electromagnetic therapy, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc. In addition, it has a therapeutic effect, which can prevent various kinds of weakness, tinnitus, insomnia and so on. At the same time, in industrial applications, it is also widely used, which brings a lot of convenience. For example, generator transformers, telephones, and radios all require magnets. Generally speaking, the use and function of magnets are very common, such as physical effect, dietary effect, medical effect and so on.
The market penetration rate of traditional applications (speaker, selector, permanent motor, VCM, MRI, etc.) has been high, and it needs to be in a stable growth period, with an annual growth rate of 5%-10%; while new applications (wind power, inverter air conditioners, energy-saving elevators, Hybrid vehicles, automotive EPS steering motors) are the main driving forces for the development of the NdFeB industry.