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Causes and solutions for the cracking of NdFeB magnets during assembly-xiamen everbeen mangnet

Hello everyone, I am Xiamen Everbeen neodymium. When I visited a motor forum today, I found a netizen asked, they bought the magnetic steel (N35UH performance has been magnetized) cracked during assembly, more broken, ask this is
What happened?

Why is NdFeB magnet cracked?
NdFeB is the strongest magnet material available today. The magnet is characterized by stronger magnetic properties and brittleness, which is easy to break. It is not so easy to use a black ferrite magnet.
According to the description of the netizen, there are 2 cases
1, the magnet incoming problem (this possibility is not so big)
2, staff operation method problems (impact, bump)
For the incoming material problem: If the specification is slightly larger, you can negotiate with the magnet manufacturer to add a gasket between the magnet and the magnet to facilitate the access of the production line staff, so as to avoid the magnet colliding with the corner or crack.
For staff operation problems: training before work, or tooling, because the magnet is inserted and magnetized, the magnetic steel is clamped to fix the magnetic steel, and then the copper strip is used to pry the magnetic steel from the top to the bottom.


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