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Application range of NdFeb magnet
The ndFeb magnet can be divided into bonded NdFeb and sintered NdFEB. Bond is actually injection molding, and sintering is vacuum through high temperature heating molding! Ndfeb magnets are permanent magnets with the strongest magnetic force so far. The material grades are N35-N52; Various shapes can be processed according to specific requirements: round, square, drilling, magnetic tile, magnetic bar, convex, trapezoid; Despite these advantages, the surface is prone to rust, so some protective surface treatment is usually required: nickel plating, zinc plating, gold plating, epoxy resin plating, etc. Nd-fe-b magnet is suitable for environment temperature below 200 degrees, mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, motor, toys, leather goods, automotive machinery and so on. The details are as follows:
Ndfeb magnet
The application scope of ndfeb magnet is as follows:
Electroacoustic field: loudspeaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage sound, car sound, etc.
Electronic appliances: permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic latching relay, watt-hour meter, water meter, sound meter, reed pipe, sensor, etc.
Motor field: VCM, CDDVD-ROM, generator, motor, servo motor, micro motor, motor, vibration motor, etc.
Mechanical equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic separator, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery, etc.
Medical care: NUCLEAR magnetic resonance apparatus, medical apparatus and instruments, magnetic healthcare products, magnetizing fuel saver, etc.
Other industries: magnetization anti-wax device, pipe descaler, magnetic fixture, automatic mahjong machine, magnetic lock, magnetic doors and Windows, stationery, luggage, leather goods, toys, tools, gift packaging, etc.
The third generation of rare earth permanent magnet Ndfeb is the most powerful permanent magnet of the present generation. Its BHmax value is 5-12 times that of ferrite magnet and 3-10 times that of aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnet. Its coercivity is 5-10 times as strong as a ferrite magnet and 5-15 times as strong as an aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnet, and its potential magnetism is so high that it can lift 640 times its own weight.
Since iron, the main raw material for NdFeb magnets, is very cheap, rare earth neodymium has 10 to 16 times more storage than samarium, so its price is much lower than samarium cobalt magnets.
The mechanical properties of ndFeb magnets are better than samarium cobalt magnets and alnickel cobalt magnets. It is easier to cut and drill holes and process complex shapes.
The disadvantage of NdFeb magnet is that its temperature performance is not good, under high temperature magnetic loss is large, the highest operating temperature is low. Generally about 80 degrees Celsius, after special treatment of the magnet, the highest operating temperature can be up to 200 degrees Celsius.
The material contains a lot of neodymium and iron, so easy to rust is also a major weakness. So ndFeb magnets must be surface coated. Electroplated nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (Au), chromium (Cr), Epoxy (Epoxide), etc.
Neodymium iron boron magnet is widely used in aerospace, electronics, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation, medical and other fields. And it is increasingly used in non-technical fields, such as adsorption magnets, toys, jewelry, etc.